Car-Bike Collisions in Arizona

When a person is injured in a bicycle accident, it is typically due to a collision with a motor vehicle. The law in Arizona is very specific when it comes to responsibility in a car-bike collision. The careless driver of a motor vehicle is legally responsible for any damages—physical, emotional, and economic—caused to the bike rider.

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Fault in Bicycle Accidents
Bicycles are subject to the same traffic rules as motor vehicles. However, there is an additional responsibility for drivers of motor vehicles to be extra careful when there is a bicycle rider in the area. If there is any doubt whether a car is going to collide with a bike, the car driver should honk their horn to make the bicyclist aware that there is a vehicle close.

Under Arizona law, drivers of motor vehicles have a duty to be aware of children in the area, especially in residential areas, near schools, or in other areas where children might dart out into traffic. When bike riders are in the area, the driver of the car must be extremely careful and slow down to avoid accidents. Arizona law even provides that a jury must be told of this responsibility when a child on a bike is struck and injured by a car.

Many bicyclists are hit because the driver of car did not keep far enough away from the bicycle when passing them. When a car is about to pass someone on a bike, the driver must move far enough away so there is no danger of striking the bicyclist. If there is any danger that a bicycle and car are going to collide, the driver of the car is in a much better position to slow down or stop to avoid the bike. If the two vehicles collide, it is the bicyclist who is going to be hurt, not the person in the car.

Bicycle Accident Injuries
Bike accident injuries are generally of a severe nature, since the riders don’t have the protection of a motor vehicle surrounding them. In many car-bike collisions, there will be fractures and permanent scars from striking the pavement.

Your lawyer will need to carefully assess your bike injury case to determine what insurance coverage is available and how you can recover damages such as medical expenses and lost wages. If a family member of the victim has medical payments cover, the victim may cover economic damages, including medical bills and lost wages. In certain circumstances, the insurance company of the at-fault driver will be responsible for paying those expenses in advance of any settlement or jury verdict.

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